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Human Resource Management

Statement of aims

This module is intended to develop student understanding of current issues surrounding the management of people in work organisations today, with a particular focus upon the Early Years sector. It will consider strategy, context and all aspects of the employment relationship encouraging a critical perspective and approach in the development of knowledge and skills.


The management of people (the human resource) is of critical importance in organisations today. This module will consider the strategic overview of the management of this key resource, the context of the work organisation in the Early Years sector and the elements of the employment relationship. It is the intention of this module to develop critical understanding of academic theory in this field in conjunction with related practitioner skills.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module you will be able to:

1. Critically examine the recruitment and selection process.
2. Consider the organisation and individual needs and perspectives of learning and employee development.
3. Critically consider the purposes and uses of appraisal, assessment and performance management.
4. Analyse the concepts, values and legal framework that underlie disciplinary processes.

1. Recruitment & Selection
2. Training & Development
3. Appraisal
Problem-Based Learning

This module will use the learning and teaching approach of Problem Based Learning.


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Speaker Tessa Owens

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